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Load-testing generators

Standalone and standby power plant testing

Modern businesses and institutions are completely reliant on power supplies and require standby generators for continuity in the event of a failure in the public power supply.

It is essential that standby systems are regularly tested in order to ensure they operate effectively and take up the load in a mains failure. A Crestchic loadbank provides a means to commission, test and service all types of power sources, including generators, turbine, batteries and fuel cells.

Crestchic loadbanks provide an electrical load that can be controlled remotely and simulate demand in real operating conditions. Industries already benefiting from using Crestchic loadbanks for power testing include:

Crestchic loadbanks can provide a variable resistive load or a resistive/reactive load for testing and also a DC load for discharge of batteries.

Crestchic is the largest specialist loadbank manufacturer with loadbanks varying in size from 30kW to 6000kVA. Larger units are containerised and readily transportable.