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Crestchic Ltd

Burton on Trent, UK


Crestchic designs, manufactures, sells and hires loadbank equipment which is primarily used for the commissioning and maintenance of independent power sources, such as diesel generators and gas turbines.

Crestchic is the world's largest specialist loadbank manufacturer, selling and hiring its equipment to companies worldwide, and it has sales and rental offices in the UK, North America, Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil and Dubai. Its products range from standard size resistive and reactive loadbanks to custom-designed and built loadbanks of any size at any voltage and frequency. It also supplies packaged transformers for sale and rental. Crestchic has over 33 years' experience in developing load test solutions and can design and build a loadbank to any size at any voltage and frequency to the specific requirements of its customers, who can choose from the range of standard size resistive and reactive loadbanks.

Crestchic loadbanks have been operationally successful in all seven continents and are reliably testing power supplies every day in locations and climates across the world. Its customers include companies serving the utilities, offshore oil and gas, shipbuilding and emergency and standby power sectors. The need to test and maintain standby and independent power systems, and the increasing reliance on power critical technology used within the banking, medical, marine and defence industries, has resulted in a continued strong rental demand for Crestchic’s products and associated services. Additionally, Crestchic is benefiting in certain geographies from a background of an increasingly unreliable global power infrastructure.

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