supporting power reliability across high growth, traditional and renewable power sectors

Crestchic designs, manufactures and hires loadbanks to test generators and critical power supplies. From emergency standby systems in data centres, utilities, healthcare and telecommunications, to military support operations, the commissioning of marine propulsion and life support systems and extractive industries.

Our locations

Operating through five major international hubs, with a worldwide support network of depots and agents, we are able to meet the global demand for our products.

Our products and services

Northbridge is the largest designer, manufacturer, supplier and renter of specialist loadbanks and transformers in the world.

Loadbanks are primarily used for the commissioning and maintenance of independent power sources and systems such as diesel generators and gas turbines.


  • Healthcare
  • Oil and gas
  • Banking
  • Power and utilities
  • Marine engineering
  • Air transport
  • Military
  • Data centres



  • Best practice ISO attainment through accreditation in Quality (9001:2015), Environmental (ISO 14001) and Health & Safety (ISO 45001) 
  • Training for our people in management skills, safe site working, high voltage design and installation 
  • Continuous product development – new class leading control system with fibre optic communications 
  • Significant overhaul in our Middle East business leading to improved results and future opportunity list
  • Development of dedicated US rental product to better serve the world’s largest load testing market
  • Supply chain assessments and benchmarking of key suppliers for quality and value in our manufacturing operations
  • Staff manufacturing quality and cost saving initiatives continue to yield results
  • Continued recruitment for factory staff in a competitive market

Market opportunities

  • The UK Government has pledged to use offshore wind power as
    the backbone of Britain’s carbon-neutral energy future, and the US
    Environment America Research & Policy Center and Frontier Group
    state that wind could make up 90% of power for the US by 2050.
    Increased reliance on sources that fluctuate (wind and solar) make
    backup power a necessity for when demand outstrips supply.
  • The US Energy Information Administration (“EIA”) projects that world
    energy consumption will grow by nearly 50% between 2018 and 2050.
    The ongoing electrification of homes, businesses and transport
    networks means increased reliance on electricity and increased
    demand for backup for critical operations.
  • With nearly 75% of transmission lines and transformers 25 years
    or older according to the US Department of Energy, outdated
    infrastructure is frequently cited by commentators as the biggest
    threat to US energy supply. In both the UK and US, the growth in
    demand has eaten into the redundancy built into the system and the
    transmission infrastructure has not been upgraded to keep pace,
    making it prone to failure.
  • The impact of extreme weather events such as those experienced in
    California and Texas over the past twelve months highlight the need
    for backup power in the event of emergency blackouts.

* Sources: US Department of Energy,, EIA, US Environment America
Research & Policy Center.

  • 2020 saw sustained growth in the key five FLAP+D country markets
    (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Dublin) – which accounts
    for 70% of data centre space.
  • Take-up in the same time period outside of the core markets
    increased by 97% at 197MW.
  • Selected countries stand out as hotspots for future investments
    – besides the core markets of the UK, Germany, the Netherlands
    and France, some countries are seeing extensive new investment,
    for example, Switzerland, Poland and Ireland.
  • The European data centre market is undergoing a boom in new
    facility build-outs, with over 70 projects underway in twelve countries
    from 2021 onwards, totalling 851,000m2.
  • According to a forecast by Gartner, end-user spending on data
    centre infrastructure is projected to reach £155 billion in 2021,
    a 6% increase on 2020.
  • Data centre revenues are forecast to hit $948 billion by 2030,
    up from $466 billion in 2020 – a compound annual growth rate
    (“CAGR”) of 6.7% over the period.
  • Middle East and African markets are in their infancy, with strong
    demand creating a huge opportunity for growth

** Sources: Gartner, Knight Frank

  • Initial market entry has now secured a foundation revenue stream and customer base.
  • Demand is buoyant and exhibits all the key hallmarks of a high value load-testing market: ageing infrastructure, high customer expectations, a move online and a high propensity to rent.
  • Market is large enough and growing sufficiently fast to be highly attractive for both the sale and hire of our equipment.

major end markets

  • Digital economy
  • Power utlities
  • Marine
  • Critical infrastructure