Designs, manufactures and hires loadbanks to test generators.

From emergency standby systems in data centres, utilities and critical industries, to the commissioning of propulsion, accommodation and production power in marine engineering from commercial shipping to oil and gas production.

Our locations

Operating through five major international hubs, with a worldwide support network of depots and agents, we are able to meet the global demand for our products.

Our products and services

Northbridge is the largest designer, manufacturer, supplier and renter of specialist loadbanks and transformers in the world.

Loadbanks are primarily used for the commissioning and maintenance of independent power sources and systems such as diesel generators and gas turbines.


  • Healthcare
  • Oil and gas
  • Banking
  • Power and utilities
  • Marine engineering
  • Air transport
  • Military
  • Data centres



  • Best practice ISO attainment through accreditation in Quality (9001:2015), Environmental (ISO 14001) and Health & Safety (ISO 45001) 
  • Training for our people in management skills, safe site working, high voltage design and installation 
  • Continuous product development – new class leading control system with fibre optic communications 
  • Significant overhaul in our Middle East business leading to improved results and future opportunity list
  • Development of dedicated US rental product to better serve the world’s largest load testing market
  • Supply chain assessments and benchmarking of key suppliers for quality and value in our manufacturing operations
  • Staff manufacturing quality and cost saving initiatives continue to yield results
  • Continued recruitment for factory staff in a competitive market

Market opportunities

  • Marine engineering and ship building:
    • Electric propulsion system
    • Navigation system
    • World’s shipping fleet continues to grow
    • Cruise liners
  • Oil and gas:
    • LNG industry/LNG transportation
    • FPSOs
  • Power Generation:
    • Commissioning of large independent power sources for large energy intensive process such as mining and refining
  • Back-up power:
    • Diesel generator and turbine testing
    • Uninterruptible power supplies
    • Emergency power systems – hospitals, banks and financial services
    • Digitisation – data centres, telecoms and process industries
    • Independent power producers
    • Balancing reserve/smart grids

Our end markets

  • Banking
  • Power and utilities
  • Marine
  • Healthcare