Our stakeholders

Our customer-focused, dedicated and collaborative approach adds value to customers as well as ourselves. Our loadbank design team works closely with customers to ensure the end product meets all of their needs.

Our size is ideally placed to be large enough for customers to benefit from production scale and experience, but nimble and flexible enough to undertake bespoke engineered solutions that both our rental and sales competitors often resist.

Highly focused teams concentrate on ensuring equipment availability is at the highest levels possible. This allows our customers to have the confidence to rely on us to meet their needs. The fast-paced and service-led construction, oil and gas and data centre markets demand this manner of operation.

The Group’s employees are highly motivated, customer focused and highly experienced in their fields. Attracting, motivating and retaining the right people will be critical on our recovery path.

We have a very stable workforce with many long-term employees. Apprenticeship schemes are in place and we are committed to bringing young people into the business, whilst sponsoring their education and training. We aim to attract and develop our staff and give them opportunities and pathways to progress. Many of our staff have secured promotions over the past few years and many job opportunities are taken by internal candidates.

Building successful partnerships is key to Northbridge. New products have been launched and new markets entered by partnering with local companies and utilising the relationships to access local markets. This enables us to establish a presence quickly and cost efficiently and leverages the partners’ local knowledge.

Within Crestchic, which offers a specialised service, this model is very flexible as many markets do not offer full time demand but often have major projects.

Our effectiveness in meeting our customers’ needs is reliant on our strong relationships with our key suppliers.

Throughout the downturn in the oil and gas market we have striven to cost efficiently keep our customer-facing operations open and grow our market share.

In the early stages of the recovery we have invested in equipment to serve our customers. We believe that we are well positioned to capitalise on a sustained recovery and deliver outstanding returns to shareholders.

Our divisions

Northbridge is an AIM-listed entity which wholly owns two distinct trading divisions, Crestchic and Tasman. The divisions’ rental activities are similar in nature with some common customers.


Northbridge is an AIM-listed entity which wholly owns two distinct trading divisions, Crestchic and Tasman. The divisions’ rental activities are similar in nature with some common customers.

  • Specialists in electrical testing equipment
  • Manufacturing, sales, service and hire

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  • Drilling tool and ancillary item rental into the gas, oil and geothermal industries

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Our value creation

All our markets demand very high levels of safety appreciation, working practices and qualification. We demand the same from our engineering design, factory production, rental operation and site engineers. Continuous training, certification and customer engagement are vital to keep our employees, customers and shareholders insulated from risk. Our understanding of emerging market trends and technologies and our capacity to innovate enable us to keep pace with changing customer needs and provide high value-added solutions.

Our Strategy


The Northbridge strategy is to consolidate and build its specialist industrial equipment businesses by:

  • driving growth organically through investing in the hire fleet and improving quality systems and customer service;
  • using partnerships to increase geographical coverage;
  • exploiting the opportunities offered by growth markets such as renewable energy sources and gas exploration; and
  • selective acquisitions in our two divisions that:
    • add complementary products and services;
    • synergistically increase penetration in core markets; and
    • give access to markets in which we are not currently present.


In achieving this strategy, we will be able to capitalise on the market opportunity to become a significant industrial services business serving an international market. The Board reviews this strategy periodically and believes it is still the correct one for the Group.